Once Upon A Time In Calamba, Laguna

This world is high on throwbacks these days....so I thought I'd contribute mine. :) I unearthed these photos on a recent trip to sweet home Burauen. I was so surprised when I found them because I thought the backup CDs were drenched in wet when Yolanda b*tch-slapped Eastern Visayas in 2013. They survived!

I internally debated whether I should post these photos because I look pretty embarrassing on them. I mean frizzy hair, dark skin, and bell-bottomed pants? C'mmon! But then, I realized that this is a blog post about the place and not about my looks so let's not focus on that. Besides, if we decide to focus on the looks, look how far ten years has brought me. Ha ha ha. 

These were taken at Calamba, Laguna during our fieldtrip for our PI 100 class, about February-ish of 2008. We were a few months away from graduating! Anyway, PI 100 was the subject name for Life and Works of Rizal, in case you are curious. :) 

At The Huge Banga
At the Calambanga - the World's Biggest Claypot! We look so pale, don't we? I can't remember if we've already take breakfast. :)
Because we learned from this field trip that the name of the City of Calamba was derived from "kalan-banga", which means "clay stove" (kalan) and "water jar" (banga). Anyways, it has the names of the barangays of Calamba written all over it and they all look like they fit into a jigsaw puzzle. Pretty cool huh.

That Church Across The Banga

And I couldn't even remember the name of the church so I had to Google it. I typed "church in Calamba Laguna across the Rizal Shrine" for added measure. And tadah! It's called the St. John The Baptist Church of Calamba. Jose Rizal was said to have been christened in this church.

At The Birth Place of Jose Rizal
Yes! Because this is what we came for! And I truly am curious about where our national hero was born. It turns out that the rumors were true: he had a nice CRIB. I don't mean a baby crib; I mean like likthe MTV Cribs show where they toured a celebrity house. I'm pretty sure his house was opulent for the 1800's Pinoy standard.

Sadly we weren't allowed to take photos of the interior so I just had to scan my memory about what the insides looked. I'm kidding. You can actually check Google for the photos inside the Rizal House. I checked and my memory was refreshed. Yes, the grand staircase made of wood was the first thing that caught my attention. Everything else went on a blur of vintage furniture and memorabilia. I learned that the house itself was just a replica since the original house was destroyed.

I remember there was a statue of the child Rizal on the grounds of the Shrine but I couldn't find any photos.

I remember writing  a lengthy paper about this whole field trip: we also visited Intramuros and other places connected to Rizal (like the UST).

I remember...gosh, my memory is so dim. I remember very little it was like ten years ago!

But I know our PI 100 class had fun during that trip. :)


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