June is Over And I'm Still Gushing Over The Britney Live In Manila Concert

June 15, 2017
"Baby, this is what you came for..."

I know that that is a Rihanna song penned by Taylor Swift/Calvin Harris but for someone who flew in all the way to Manila from Leyte just to see the Godney Spearit herself, it just feels like it. And here I am, over a month after the show, still feeling tears in my eyes whenever some wonderful memory of Britney's hair flips and hand flicks crosses my mind.

"I'm like a ring leader, I call the shots. I'm like a firecracker, I make it hot."

Yes she is. Yes she does.
You see her on TV, on YouTube, and you know that she is larger than life. In real life though, when you are in the same room with her, she is phenomenal; she's like a force that can make the room explode.

At the Mall of Asia Arena hours before the show.
The show lasted for just over an hour. However, the preparations and the things we did just to make it to June 15, 2017, goes way beyond that. 

We can go back to March 28, 2017, when she decided to drop the news on Facebook that she will be coming to Manila for a concert. You'd think April Fool's Day came too early and Britney could just be playing with our emotions. But when the Britney Army PH started reacting and you realize that it's for reals, how can you not scream at the top of your lungs. 

Two decades worth of screaming, that is.

And then there were those succeeding events that occurred that would give you doubt if the show would push through. Good thing the authorities were on their toes for this big event. 

The police force deployed at the MOA Arena for the Britney concert. 
MOA Arena's rules were also pretty stringent so we felt secured when we entered the venue. You can feel the excitement and the common love for Britney that bound us all. The crowd was mostly composed of 20 to 40 years olds. But there were also younger ones and it was heartwarming to see that they had their moms or dads tagging along. Or is it the other way around? LOL.
The beeline towards the entrance.
And we're in!
Now watch me....waiting. :)
Is it 9:00 PM yet?
The "Work Bitch" intro was our cue to screaaaaam and cry. And you just remember how you'd wait up on MTV just to catch "Born To Make You Happy", and you just fail to cop the dance moves all the time. 

You think of the time that she "grew up" and started wearing those deconstructed clothes and wonder how she looked so good on them. All sorts of memories just come flashing back and you cry even more.

Britney: Live In Manila// Work Bitch
Britney: Live In Manila// Womanizer
There were no dull moments in this concert. How can you be bored when you know all the lyrics to her songs? Emphasis on "Philippines" when Britney performed "Piece Of Me" lest we forget what country she's in. Hope she felt "kilig" about that part.
Britney: Live In Manila// Piece of Me
Britney: Live In Manila// ...Baby One More Time
We also sang Madonna's part in "Me Against The Music" like, no big deal. 

There are no downtimes; there's no part where the performer sings a slow song and rests. Britney danced to all twenty songs. She's 35, by the way.

Britney: Live In Manila// Me Against The Music
She's amazing.

We didn't want the night to end but eventually it did. We knew the show ends with "Till The World Ends" so it is the part when we were went on our feet, raised our hands, sang, screamed and cried like there's no tomorrow. 

Thank you Britney, for slaying it on June 15, 2017. And thank you for "jumping over drama and landing on your feet". How you made it through the worst part of your life will always be an inspiration for me and all of your fans throughout the world. Gosh I tear up again as I type that.

PS. I will never forget how shrill and high pitched her voice was, I didn't expect that. LOL.

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