How I Got This Old School Blackberry Curve 9360 Phone + A Shopee Shopping Experience We Can All Learn From

No, I haven't been living under a rock these past few years and I'm pretty darn aware that iPhone or Android touch screen phones are all the rage. However, I have always been attracted to this kind of phone with the qwerty keypad. I remember how this kind of phone was so hot in 2011, and the price tag was oh so high that  I couldn't afford it. 

Anyway, I think I have mentioned several times that I am a big fan of Gossip Girl and that I really  adore Blair Waldorf. I have recently finished watching the final season and I saw that Blair was toting a BlackBerry. I mean, I've always known that she uses BlackBerry but I sort of lost track of it. Ha ha. And so I made a confession that I am still in love with the BlackBerry and if I found one within my budget I will really try to get it.

Another Shopee Shopping Experience
I have searched Shopee since middle of June for any model of Blackberry Smartphone and I was so surprised to find out that they are no longer expensive these days, well at least the old models. There are new models of the BlackBerry that are touchscreen type but wouldn't you agree that BB's are more iconic for their qwertys?

After weeks of searching, and some encouragement from my husband, I placed an order for a BlackBerry 9900 and it cost Php 1, 650.00. According to the seller, the item was secondhand in condition and that it didn't come with a charger so I had to provide my own one. I think I placed an order at the end of June and since Shopee gives you five days to settle the payment, I think my deadline was July 3 and my chosen payment method was LBC. 

I paid on July 3, 2017 but I was bothered that I didn't immediately receive a confirmation from Shopee about my payment so I immediately contacted them because I was worried that my order would get cancelled prior to the confirmation of the payment.

Kudos to the Customer's Service Team of Shopee because they really assisted me. At first my payment couldn't be verified but they were constantly communicating with me via e-mail regarding my concern. After 24 hrs, my payment was verified but it turned out that the seller had cancelled the transaction. 

I didn't know that sellers could actually cancel a transaction before the due date has lapsed but it happened. My due date was July 3 and I had another grace period of 1 day to pay but the seller cancelled early. I know by then that I should be upset but I was still as cool as cucumbers. 

At least, Shopee assured me that my payment was intact. I could just order any other item so I opted for a new one coming from a more reputable and high rated seller. If my new order would be of the same amount, they will immediately transfer the payment to my new transaction. However, if my new order would be higher in amount, my previous payment would be deducted but I would need to settle the balance via BDO Over The Counter payment only. That would have been great if there's a BDO in my area but alas, it's like 45 kms away. 

On the next day, I took a motorcycle ride with my husband and settled my payment at BDO. Yes, I was that desperate to get a BlackBerry phone.

Lessons Learned
The five days given to settle the amount is already a long period but besh, hwag mo nang sagarin kung gusto mo talaga yung item. LOL. Try to pay as soon as possible because some sellers tend to cancel the order if you don't pay ASAP, as my experience would tell.

The side keys of the BlackBerry 9360.

The back of the BlackBerry 9360
Read the comments about the seller and also check out the ratings. The seller who cancelled on me didn't have any ratings or comments about their service. I'm still wondering how I ended up ordering from that shop since there were to feedback and I'm usually wary. The seller even sent me a text massage saying that I could just make the payments directly to them, no need to wait for Shopee and they will immediately ship the item once they received the payment. Imagine if I actually conceded paying them directly and then they turned out to be a scammers? That would have been a sadder situation. The last time I checked that seller no longer exists on Shopee. Tsk tsk. Close call.

Cheaper is not always the best option. Try to find the best value for your money.

I got this BlackBerry 9360 from seller Marhaba Shop Online. Here is the direct link to their shop:

On A Lighter Note's a Shopee shopping experience that went smoothly. ;) My husband purchased this pair of red/white Nike LeBron Soldier 11 "CAVS" shoes. He's got huge feet so it's quiet hard to find his size on this side of the planet. Luckily, M and L Shopalicious had a size 46. 

The admins really made an effort to reply to my hubby's queries since he's kinda excited and makulit. He's not as chill as me who's an online shopping pro. LOL. Maya maya he has questions so I just told him to chat directly with the seller and they were very nice and respectful. I honestly thought they won't reply sa lahat ng questions but they did and they even divulged the freebies. 

They also shipped speedily so the shoes just came in time for a basketball tournament that my hubby was joining. What do I say? Happy hubby = happy life. Ha ha.

Here are some shots of the shoes.

Shop with M and L Shopalicious. This is their direct link:

A parting note, be a wise shopper and try not to replicate my boo boos. Ha ha


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